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Gotek is a passionate and committed supporter of the Linux operating system and Open Source software. In fields where these technologies are not already the industry standard, secure, mature and increasingly popular alternatives exist.

Server and Network Administration

Provide network services for your network such as Domain Name Service (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Virtualisation with Xen, Qemu and KVM.

Mail servers with Sendmail providing POP3 and IMAP access to e-mail.

Database and Java application servers.

Data storeage with Network File System (NFS).

Remote administration through Secure Shell and remote desktop technologies.

Compiling custom kernels.

Application packaging with RPM.

Development and maintenance of administrative automation scripts.

Projects and Project Management

From high level technical advice to low level design and implementation, Gotek are a perfect partner for your project work.

Gotek can work to the control of your own favourite methodology and supply experienced practitioners.

Gotek PMs' deep understanding of the technical, financial and political issues involved with project work ensures that work will progress on schedule, on budget and without destructive upheaval.

Business as Usual Service Level Agreements

Gotek can provide any level of IT support, working with your existing staff or as a seperate semi-autonomous entity, from remote, off-site administration to a dedicated on-site team presence.

Platform Migration

Gotek can advise and perform operating system migrations, user account migrations, web system migrations and the re-porting of legacy applications.

Web Administration

Web administration of Apache HTTP and Apache Tomcat web servers.

Encryption using security certificates verified by recognised authorities such as VeriSign.

Securely share data via FTP over encrypted connections.

Setup and maintenance of Content Management Systems such as Drupal and the development of bespoke web site management.

Web Application Development

Web applications developed using Perl, PHP, Java Servlets and Java Server Pages.

Database connectivity using MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Communication security using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Server and Desktop Application Development

Development of locally run, database linked applications in Java or C++ for the terminal or with Graphical User Interfaces.

Automated Operating System Deployments

Development of automated deployments using Kickstart with Pre and Post section scripts to deliver truly hands off, fully configured servers and desktops.

Linux Integration Within Windows and Macintosh Environments

Samba and LDAP integration with Windows Active Directory - control your existing Windows desktop estate with Linux servers.

Access Linux hosted storage from Windows and Macintosh computers.

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