about us

about us

Gotek is a UK computer manufacturer based in the UK Kent. We have evolved into one of the most highly respected and decorated desktop PC builders in UK. We are exceptionally proud of not only our awards but the service that we provide daily to customers. Whether you are on the hunt for a new home office desktop or a super-powered gaming rig, our specialised team are here to help.

Many retailers outsource their PC building to other firms rather than build and test them in-house. This can lead to a number of complications including limited stability testing, inadequate attention to detail and careless construction. When you buy a system from Gotek your computer will be built by one of our own highly qualified system engineers, all of whom have years of experience at the highest levels of PC construction.

It will be given peerless testing and have to pass our stringent quality control testing, and it will be optimised and set up by one of our highly trained software team. Gotek has repeatedly been commended for its exceptional warranty terms and high levels of customer support. Gotek is considered the premier PC specialist in the UK. These are available to all customers regardless of the type of PC system ordered.


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